Scott RizzutoCFP®, CIM

Associate Advisor

Having a Financial Planner as a Mom, Scott was almost destined to inherit the passion for personal finance that he grew up immersed in. He tried to resist the calling of finance by joining the Canadian Naval Reserves, which helped see him through school. When Scott ultimately left his position after five years, he was finally ready to give into his early adopted love of personal finance, and join his mom in the family practice. Unfortunately for Scott though, Sharon had other ideas. His plea to his mother to join the family business was met with a “HARD NO” and “you need to get some experience, then maybe we can talk”. So, after spending six years with a leading Canadian Asset Management company, which came with a move across the country, Scott managed to work his way up from the call centre to Vice President of Sales. Working with former employer, Scott had the opportunity to meet and work with thousands of Financial Advisors from across Alberta, helping them with investment management and portfolio construction. At the same time, he was also learning and absorbing everything he could from them on the Financial Planning side. While out west, Scott also used this time to study and complete both his Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designations. Successful in his quest to gain experience and earn the consideration of his Mom, Scott couldn’t be more excited to be back in his hometown and sitting on the “other side” of the table to his previous career. While not at work you can find Scott going for long walks in the suburbs with his fiancé and dog Beau, or on a lake trying to make up for lost time on the water, from his years of living in the prairies.